Galveston’s only 7-day a week Karaoke bar!  Sound Bar is known as the “happiest bar” in Galveston and is Galveston’s only 7-day a week karaoke bar. Sound Bar is located in Galveston’s Strand on Mechanic street at 25th and Mechanic. Tremont House is diagonally across the street right at the big Mari Graz arch. Sound bar offers private events as well. The K.J.s are terrific and they have a zillion songs on their computers.

Sound bar has both a full bar and a full-sized stage. There’s a large patio out back where people chat and smoke.  The staff is very attentive and quite good and taking care of patrons who have had too many libations. We definitely, as with all bars, recommend that you take a cab both ways but there is always good parking in the area.

Sound Bar attracts singers of all stripes; country, jazz, rap, rock, classic rock. Beginners are welcome. There are often people singing in duets and bigger acts as well.

Just a few blocks away is the port and some really nice restaurants if you want to have dinner first.  There are a number of professional musicians and singers that really rock the place. Lots of room to dance as well. Plus, there’s a high-end pool table. While they don’t serve food, you are welcome to call in a pizza or whatever food you wish, even Chinese from the Happy Buddha on 61st street just a couple of blocks from the seawall. On Friday and Saturday nights, Tremont House across the street offers free Jazz and light snacks in the Lobby. They also have an ultra romantic roof-top restaurant where there is almost always a cool breeze off the Gulf of Mexico.

Karaoke begins anywhere from 8:45 to 9:30. About 11:00 the place starts getting crowded. One can get on the paper or sign up on a nifty mobile act that also has a searchable database of all the songs available.

Monday thru Saturday: 5pm – 2am
Sunday: 3pm – 2am