moving-movers-galveston-boxesMoving Day?

Moving your precious items in a professional way is our mission. We move just about anything to anywhere in the USA. We’ve moved pianos, gun safes, motorcycles, plants, garages and more. We will take care of your precious fragile items and put them right where you want them in your new home or office. Before you move we can provide you with all your supplies; boxes, tape, tape guns, moving blankets, wrapping paper, room labels. Even Sharpies! Give us a call at 409.526.2966 and we’ll be out in a jiffy to give you an estimate and a moving schedule. Click here to send us an email. View our moving checklist.


Keep a positive mindset

It’s a simple fact: your mindset can ensure your happiness. If you look at moving as a stressful or negative experience, chances are it will be just that. But if you look at it as a positive experience, the sky is the limit. Moving can be the opportunity to assess what’s important as well as what is unnecessary in your life. It’s a chance to declutter and start fresh in a new home or build on the foundation of priceless belonging you have acquired thus far. Moving is stressful but it doesn’t have to cue a total breakdown. Maintaining a positive mindset can transform the entire experience.

Know your new community

One of the best ways to ease the transition to a new town is to do your research ahead of time. Find local shops, restaurants, parks and gyms to check out. You can research the schools as well as find the best route from your new home to work. The moving experience will be a lot less stressful if you can implement some of your old routines. Do your research before you move so you will feel familiar with your new community.

Keep your moving organized

Moving takes a lot of time and energy, so organization will be your best tool for avoiding stress. Gather the proper supplies (like sturdy boxes, moving blankets, movers tape and bubble wrap) early on so you have plenty of time to pack. Separate everything you are not taking with you and get rid it. Label furniture and boxes accordingly. If you are hiring professional movers, be sure to schedule them in advance of your big day. Fill out a change of address, cancel subscriptions and transfer services to your new home. Being organized will ensure your experience will be nothing short of positive.

Stick to professionals

Hiring professionals will be worth every penny if you are unsure of how to pack or just don’t want enjoy the labor intensive phase of your move. We at Go Texas Movers are trained to pack and handle your precious belongings every step of the move process. However, if you are a do-it-yourselfer, use caution both before and during the move. Be sure to use the proper supplies so your possessions are protected. Also, be sure to have an able-bodied crew scheduled for your big day. This most likely will be family and friends so please don’t wait to the last minute to request their help.

Unpack quickly

When you arrive at your new home, you can expect  boxes, furniture, and emotions to be a little overwhelming. It will take time to organize and get comfortable in an unfamiliar place, but don’t put off unpacking! A move can be stressful because it’s disruptive to your regular routine. The sooner you unpack and get settled, the sooner you will be ready to start your next chapter.


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